Morris Steinert & Sons will be leaving their historic luxury Boston building and headquarters, Steinert Hall at 162 Boylston Street in Boston after 119 years! But don’t worry, they’ll be back…

This historic 38,000 square foot, six-story Steinert Building was first purchased by Morris Steinert and his sons in 1896. They have remained the consistent owners for over a century now. The building was part of an area known as Boston’s “Piano Row“ where people could go to buy pianos and organs, teach at the popular Steinert Piano Academy, or attend as a student with a chance to perform at the world famous Steinert Hall.

Historic luxury Boston building

Steinert Hall, 162 Boylston Street

The Steinert family decided to finally sell the building to the owner of B Minor, LLC, William Mosakowski. William was first introduced to this luxury Boston building back in 1998 when he purchased a piano from the Steinert’s and quickly fell in love with the buildings historic design. As time has passed, age has taken its toll on the historic Boston building and it is now in need of major repairs and renovations. It was these impending costs that spurred Steinert into making a deal with B Minor, LLC.

Although this historic and illustrious Boston building is now owned by B Minor, LLC, the Steinert headquarters will remain. As soon as renovations are completed, they plan to return back to their long time location at 162 Boylston Street and continue to serve the musicians of Boston in a more modern space.

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