Andrew Square Proposal: A new project proposal for a massive Boston luxury apartment has plans to build a mega complex complete with hundreds of residential units and a plethora of retail stores spanning more than six city blocks!

The proposal has plans to build along Old Colony Avenue in Andrew Square and revitalize it into a luxury off shoot of South Boston’s Fort Point.

Luxury Boston Apartments in Andrew Square

Andrew Square, South Boston

This Boston luxury apartment proposal was released about a month ago and is still in the process of being reviewed. It has laid out plans to build along the intersection of Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street right off of Andrew Square. The proposal calls for over 700 luxury Boston apartments and dozens of new retail stores.

The footprint of the project proposal shows the plans stretching six city blocks and across eight buildings. It will include two luxury residential apartment towers, one 20 stories and the other 21 stories, that will both top out around 200 feet. Massive for South Boston! The remaining six proposed buildings range from 40 to 70 feet with a bulk of proposed commercial and  retail space being located in these.

The proposed location of this sprawling luxury apartment complex, Andrew Square, is located in South Boston. Andrew Square is a rapidly gentrifying area that had until recently been more of an industrial area featuring bus depots, repair shops, and tow yards but the residential redevelopment of the neighborhood has recently kicked into high gear. Although this location is already a great community to be a part of, this project has plans to turn it into a “walkable neighborhood [full of] community-focused businesses”. They plan to do this by adding a new 1.4-acre park and developing the entire luxury residential apartment complex just a short walk to the Andrew Square T stop.

Plans for this project in Boston’s luxury apartment in South End are still currently under review!  Want to keep up-to-date on the latest information regarding this Andrew Square project? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter below. Want to know more about our other exclusive insights or just have a question about a different luxury apartment? Feel free to contact Boston Luxe regarding this or any other Boston sale or rental listings! We’re always happy to help and a phone call or email away. Call us at (617)-267-4600 or email us at look forward to hearing from you.


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