Boston is Named Coziest City To Live

Honeywell Infrared Heaters, in partnership with the environmental consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering did a study to find out just what cozycities are  the coziest in the Nation.
Dr. Ted Myatt, ScD, Environmental Health & Engineering said they believe coziness is defined by a city’s overall comfort, ambiance and accessibility.

The criteria ranged from

  • Fireplace and portable heaters usage
  • Access to parks
  • Overall walk-ability to restaurants and coffee shops per capita,
  • Stressful lifestyle scores and
  • Historical ambiance.

Based on this profile, below is a list of the top ten coziest U.S. cities:

 1.    Boston/Cambridge, Mass.
2.    San Francisco, Calif.
3.    Santa Fe, N.M.
4.    Washington, D.C.
5.    Portland, Ore.
6.    Seattle, Wash.
7.    Baltimore, Md.
8.    Providence, R.I.
9.    New Orleans, La.
10. Savannah, Ga.

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