The importance of a buyer’s agent in purchase of a condo

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A lot of people ask, “Why do I need a buyer’s agent? Can’t I just go to open houses and find my new home?”  The answer is yes you can! But finding the home is the easiest part of the process.

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    The buying process can be very complicated and confusing, especially if you do not have someone in your corner at all times. A buyer’s agent negotiates price and terms (based on knowledge of the market), makes sure all parties are  doing their job, and can help translate what is going on, from the home inspection, to condo documents, and condo financials while being mindful of deadlines. Most deals go south because of a lack of communication and all parties assuming that everything is going according to plan. A good buyer’s agent can prevent this by essentially policing all aspects of the deal. They ensure that there is open communication between the lawyers, realtors, financial institutions, buyers and sellers for the most successful transactions!
    - Drew Abysalh

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