New luxury Boston condos and apartments totaling $700 million dollars in development are headed towards the Seaport!

The development of new luxury Boston condos and apartments in Seaport is apart of Boston’s biggest project to-date called Seaport Square Project opening in 2017. The start of this 23-acre Seaport Square project will start the development of an entirely new neighborhood in South Boston!

seaport square project

Seaport Square Project


This Seaport Square Project will be made up of three complexes along the Seaport’s Boulevard that will consist of three different towers. Each tower will be a mix of luxury condominiums, apartments and retail stores.This luxury Boston development will be located at East Service Road and B Street! This building is being developed in a central location in the Seaport to create a common place for residents to live in order to bring the community closer together.

These luxury condos and apartments will consist of 800 condos and 350 apartments and include 800 parking spots. This luxury development will also include a whopping 125,000 square feet of retail space! These luxury towers are rumored to be surrounded by a beautiful public courtyard with walkways that lead to and from the area.

The luxury seaport project will be part of a $3.6 billion Seaport development that is being built with the intention of turning Seaport into a neighborhood and community . This development will help the Seaport become more of a city-friendly area to live by bridging the gap that disconnects apartments and condos from the business stores and retail shops. This development will be spread over 20 blocks and is proposed to include a new chapel, a supermarket, restaurants, local and regional retail, a visitors’ center, art galleries, a cinema and a proposed performing arts center!

This exciting development project happening in the Seaport is now underway and is proposed to be completed by 2017! Want to stay updated throughout this buildings development? Boston Luxes newsletter provides you with the latest updates on all of Boston’s most exciting luxury buildings and more! Subscribe by entering your email in the box below. Interested in checking out other condos or apartments available to buy or rent in the Boston area? Contact Boston Luxe today by calling us at (617)-267-4600 or emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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