Is the Millennium Tower really Boston’s tallest luxury building out of the entire city?

The Millennium Tower located at 426 Washington Street claims to be the Boston’s tallest luxury building in all of Boston…but how do you know for sure? There is reason to believe that the 45 Province Tower located at 45 Province Street in Boston only a couple streets over from the Millennium could in fact be the same height, or even slightly taller.

45 Province Tower and Millennium Tower

45 Province Tower and Millennium Tower

The Millennium Tower claims to be the tallest tower in Boston standing at 685 feet tall, according to their website. An article by Bostinno, the Boston Redevelopment Authority has different measurements for the Boston tower measuring in at 625 feet. In comparison to the Millennium Tower is 45 Province Tower, Boston’s “second tallest” tower in Boston and is only streets away standing at 386 feet.

Since there is a 239-foot difference in height between the two towers, nobody has ever tried to make the argument that 45 Province Tower could in fact be taller than the Millennium. This becomes questionable when you look at the different elevation levels of where the two buildings are located. If you look on Google’s National Elevation Data website and plug in the two locations of the towers, you can see that 45 Province Tower is in fact built on a surface that is significantly more elevated compared to the Millennium Tower which is built on a flat, leveled surface. When adding the elevation of 45 Province Tower to the to the height of the building, it’s easy to see why the assumption could be made that 45 Province Tower is in fact taller than the Millennium.

The question we all want to know, Is The Millennium Tower really the tallest building in Boston or is 45 Province Tower? Unfortunately we aren’t able to say for sure. But we have been able to conclude that by adding the difference in elevation to the height of 45 Province Tower, The Millennium could in fact measure out to be the same height or even shorter than the 45 Province Tower. When coming up with the estimated level of elevation for 45 Province, we came up with an extra 230-240 feet of height that could be added to the Tower’s initial height. Which would then make 45 Province Tower the tallest building in Boston.

Besides being significantly close to the height of the Millennium if not taller, 45 Province Tower was Boston’s highest selling condo building in 2014. This 32-story luxury apartment building got the Merit Award for Design Excellence due to its extraordinary structure. This building offers luxury condos and apartments that have huge bay size glass windows overlooking the Boston Harbor! Some of this buildings finest luxury features include a roof deck with an outdoor swimming pool and lounge area, a gym with a personal trainer available, a spa and a 24-hour concierge service. Not only could 45 Province Tower be the tallest building in Boston, but it’s also among one of the most luxury buildings with reasonable prices to match.

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