Where are Some Pet Friendly Boston Apartments?

dogs1` I need to find a nice Boston apartment that is dog friendly. Are there many of these in Boston? We did some reach and found some dog friendly apartments. You will find there are many that have size and breed restrictions. Plus many charge a monthly security fee.

Below is just a partial lists of Pet friendly complexes: For assistance in your search contact Maxwell Burke Broker/Owner at Boston Luxe at his email: maxwell@bostonluxe.com  or call his Cell: (617) 543 – 7754  or call his office: (617) 267-4600

  • The Back Bay Neighborhood

    • The Colonnade Residences-One dog per unit with no weight limit, but there are Breed Restrictions and there is no pet Fee.
    • One Back Bay-1 dog per unit, There is a 50 pound weight limit along with breed restrictions.
    • Garrison Square Apartments-75 lb. weight limit, limit of 2 dogs per unit with combined limit of 75 lb. Pet Fees: Dogs 50 lb. $100 per month, 50-75 lb $150 per month, breed restrictions.
    • Seven Fifty-Five Boylston- Dogs on a case by case basis
    • The Greenhouse Apartments-25 pound weight limit, no breed restrictions.
    • The Lofts at Atlantic Wharf-There is no weight limit, but there are breed restrictions and a security deposit.
    • Christopher Columbus Plaza Apartments-Smaller dogs weight limit, breed restrictions, inquire about the mandatory fee.
  • Boston’s Seaport/Innovation District and South Boston

    • Factory 63-There are no breed restrictions, but do call for details.
    • ..Park Lane Seaport-You may have 2 pets per unit, with a combined weight of 75 pound with breed restrictions. Small dogs $75 month/ larger dogs $100 per month.
    • 50 West Broadway There is no weight limit. But there are breed restrictions.
  • South End

    • The Marais- Call for Details on Pets
    • Lofts at East Berkeley-Call for Details
    • 601 Albany Apartments- Call for Details
    • James Court Apartments-One Dog is allowed per unit with a 55 Pound Weight Limit along with breed restrictions.
  • Charlestown

    • Harborview Navy Yard-There a 2 dog limit with no weight limit with breed restrictions and fees.
    • Mezzo Design Lofts- 80 lb weight limit, there is a fenced dog park across  the street.
  • Cambridge

    • Archstone Kendall Square-1 Dog per unit with a 65 lb. weight limit. A few courtyard apartment allow larger breeds. Monthly pet fee of $75 and there are breed restrictions.
    • Archstone Northpoint
      2 dog max per unit with no weight restrictions, but there are breed Restrictions. Fees are  $100 per month per dog.
    • Third Square Apartments-Dog and Cat Friendly. There are no weight restrictions, but there are breed restrictions. You are allowed 2 dogs per unit with a $85 per month fee per dog plus a security security deposit.
    • Watermark Cambridge-There is a pet fee of $50 for cats, and $100 for dogs. There is a maximum of two pets per home, up to 65 pounds each. And there are breed restrictions.
    • Loft 23-Two dogs are allowed per apartment with a 50lb limit. There are breed restrictions. Monthly pet fee are $20 per cat and $75 per dog.
    • 1330 Boylston Apartments-Larger Dogs Accepted Check on Breed Restrictions.
  • Fenway
    • Fenway Triangle Trilogy Apartments- dogs are allowed on select floors. Check on details.
    • The Parkside & Fenway-2 dogs per unit are allowed with breed restrictions and a  45 lb Weight Limit, pet fees apply
  • Longwood Medical Center area
    • City View at Longwood- Both Dog & Cat Friendly with Breed Restrictions and weight limits.
    • The Longwood-Dog & Cat Friendly, Breed Restrictions, Weight Limit?
  • Brookline

    • Barclay on Beacon- allows 2 dogs per unit, both dog & cat Friendly, with Breed Restrictions, and a 45 lb Weight Limit, pet fees.
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What is the Difference Between a House Inspector and an Appraiser.

boston-inspectionAn inspector is usually a building contractor or specialist. They should be hired by the purchaser to “inspect” the structure, plumbing, electrical and roofing to insure that the house being purchased is in good working and safe condition. Any defects must be disclosed and or repaired.

An appraiser is licensed under the state real estate commission and inspects appraiserand evaluates the house and property that is to be purchased for the Lender. This is done by measuring the square footage, while taking into consideration special features of the home and then using comparable sales of the same type of house or condo in a similar neighborhood to come up with the true value.  This is the final word on the true value of the property and will determine the loan amount of the mortgage.

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I am Relocating: How are Real Estate Transactions handled in Boston?

Of course the first step is to have one of our experienced Boston Realtors help you find the property of your dreams. Once you find the property, then you make your legal offer and before you know it,your will be at closing. In Massachusetts, thus in Boston, the sale of all property is handled by real estate attorneys. Your Boston Luxe Realtor can refer you to an experienced firm.

closingAt closing the buyers and sellers, their attorneys and agents as well as the lender’s attorney are all present. At this time, the funds deposited are usually handled by the listing broker or the seller’s attorney and are held in an “escrow” account. Sometimes the buyer’s broker or buyer’s attorney may hold the deposit. These deposits are accounted for at closing and the buyers receive  credit on the closing settlement statement.


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According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Boston Condo sales continued at a record pace during the first half of the year, with several different neighborhoods taking the lead as sales prices increased. Brighton had the hottest sales in the $236K – $283K range with 44 sales, Jamaica Plain had 42 sales in the  $330K – $380K range, South Boston had 48 sales in the $493K – $580K range, and the South End had 69 sales in the  $740K – $1.125 range. Back Bay recorded 84 sales that exceeded $1.125M in price. fenway1

Many factors were considered however it appears that when buyers cannot find a home in a particular price range, it is not uncommon for the buyer to consider moving up and spending more, even if it’s in a different neighborhood.
Many Boston real estate professionals agree that most buyers will spend more if the buying opportunity is good, no matter what the neighborhood.

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Charlesview Residences Opens in Brighton

Courtesy Madeline R. Conway-Harvard

Courtesy Madeline R. Conway-Harvard  Crimson

The 340 unit mixed use and mixed income Charlesview Residences development in Boston’s Allston-Brighton neighborhood celebrated its grand opening recently when Mayor Thomas Menino and developer ‘The Community Builders’ cut the ribbon on the $141M project. The new Charlesview Residences replaces the 213 unit housing development that has served low to moderate income residents for way more than 40 years. Construction on the development began in 2011.

“It wasn’t a unanimous slam dunk proposal,” said Paul Berkeley, president of the Allston Civic Association. There were people who felt that the density was too much for the neighborhood, while others welcomed more affordable housing. The 2nd and 3rd phases will feature 100 affordable and market rate homes for sale.

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Boston Ranks #1 for New Graduates

graduationbluergbThere is no doubt that these are tough times for college graduates and for the 2013 graduates only about 45% have job offers after they graduate. It turns out that certain cities can provide more opportunities for recent graduates than others.

NerdWallet has put together some numbers to be able to rank the top 10 cities according to the following questions:
1    Will you have peers and others your age? New graduates usually want to live in cities where there are plenty of others the same age to meet. (The survey included percentages of the population between the ages of 18 and 24 in the analysis)
2    Will you have an active social life? (social life was proxied by the amount of bars per 1000 residents)
3    Is the city walkable? It turns out that most grads don’t have a car or the money to buy a car, so the city’s “Walk Score” was included in the analysis. The “Walk Score” is the measurement of how easy it is to get around a city without having a car.
4    Can you afford to live there? We included the median cost of renting as most grads have no salaries and usually no savings.
5    Can you get a job? To assess the availability of jobs and the local economy, we calculated each city’s unemployment rate.


#1    Boston, Massachusetts has the most 18-24 year olds of any city and the 4th most bars per capita, and the 3rd highest Walk Score making it a high score getter for twenty somethings to be able to pursue a very active social life. Boston is the 4th most expensive for housing, but has the 2nd lowest rate in unemployment which gives the grads a good shot at landing a job. The top industries in Boston are research, healthcare and finance.

#2    Seattle, Washington has the second most bars per capita and is home to a very large population of 18-24 year olds. The city has a laid back culture and a highly walkable layout making it a great place for new grads to start out. The cost of living is fairly high, but the unemployment rates are on the low side.
There are many high tech industries here including Microsoft.

#3    Denver, Colorado has an affordable social life and can boast of having the most bars per capita and a low cost of living. There is a moderate unemployment rate making it somewhat easier to find jobs. Top industries in Denver include broadcasting and telecommunications, energy, healthcare and aerospace.

#4    Baltimore, Maryland has a high population of young people, moderate cost of living and a fairly walkable layout making it a good choice for recent grads. This is the center of medicine and life sciences.

#5    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has the 5th most 18-24 year olds and a high walkability layout, making it a good choice for new grads. The city has a booming healthcare industry and many opportunities for new grads. The cost of living is rated as moderate and the unemployment rate is average.

#6     Washington, D.C. attracts many students for jobs with politicians and thinktanks. It is the 2nd most populous in 18-24 year olds. It is highly walkable and has a moderate unemployment rate. The rents here are fairly high.

#7     Columbus, Ohio has a low cost of living, the 4th lowest unemployment rate and 4th in populous of 18-24 year olds. The city is not known to have a walkable layout.

#8    Austin, Texas seems to have it all. The 3rd most 18-24 year olds, a low cost of living and low unemployment rate. The city has a growing high tech industry and biotechnology industry. Dell Computers and IBM are both headquartered here.

#9    Chicago, Illinois is the 4th most walkable city, but the blustery weather precludes walking anywhere in the wintertime. It has an extensive public transportation system, a large population of young people and a fairly moderate cost of living. The industries here include finance and publishing.

#10    San Francisco, California has a great social scene and great walkable layout making it popular for new grads. Tech and computer savy grads will find plenty of tech companies to work at with giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter near by. The city has a fairly high cost of living however.

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Boston Rates High as Bikeable

score The Boston MA Bike Score is a grading system of bike accessibility from 0 to 100. The score is based on bike infrastructure, topography, destinations and road connectivity. We are at number five out of ten major cities. And Cambridge came in at 92 for smaller cities.

Being bike friendly is due to the efforts and the money allotted in a city to build a great biking infrastructure. Below is a list of the top ten cities with a population of 500,000 or more residents..
1. Portland (Bike Score: 70.3)
2. San Francisco (Bike Score: 70.0)
3. Denver (Bike Score: 69.5)
4. Philadelphia (Bike Score: 68.4)
5. Boston (Bike Score: 67.8)
6. Washington D.C. (Bike Score: 65.3)
7. Seattle (Bike Score: 64.1)
8. Tucson (Bike Score: 64.1)
9. New York (Bike Score: 62.3)
10. Chicago (Bike Score: 61.5)
One of the major reasons that Boston has achieved such a great score is the development of The Hubway system.

The Hubway bicycle program station at Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue. (Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)

The Hubway bicycle program station at Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue. (Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)

This is a bike sharing system which provides over 100 stations and 1,000 bikes available in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. You can grab a bike near your home or office and pedal your way to the next lunch meeting, errand or shopping trip, or to visit friends and family.

Boston Hubway  bike sharing system stations

          Boston Hubway bike sharing system stations

The good news is that the municipalities of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville are all working with Massachusetts  Department of Transportation, The Metropolitan Area Planning Council, The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and the Federal Transit Administration to continue to expand the system in the Boston Area.

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When you are selling, or trying to sell a house that has one or more very small rooms, you certainly don’t want a potential buyer to walk into a small room and feel cramped, or stuffed, or uneasy. It will immediately bring to their minds about whether they could fit any of their furniture or anything else into the room and use it wisely or if it is a waste of time and money to even consider buying a home with any small rooms.

This has always been a problem for Realtors at an open house, or a homeowner trying to sell his/her home. There are some methods for making a very small room look larger and they are:

  1. Get rid of most of the furniture in the room, make it feel more open and useable. Be sure that the furniture you leave in the room ‘fits the room.’ In other words, don’t stuff a king size bed into a bedroom that is just 10 ft. by 10 foot. Whatever you do, never have any furniture, in any room, blocking any part of a doorway.
  2.  Clear out closets and make them look like they have about 1/3rd of the space open. Get rid of boxes and other personal clutter. Stack in the garage or take to a storage unit until after you sell the house and have moved. This goes for clothes and shoes and everything else.
  3. Lighten up the wall colors of the small rooms. Darker colors tend to make people feel cramped in or closed in. Light colors make a room look and feel more open. Try to create a ‘flow’ of colors from the rest of the home. Light beige, and cream colors are best according to experts.
  4. Carefully choose mirrors to hang and they will reflect light and give the illusion of depth in the room.
  5. Use natural light to make the small room look larger. Have lamps going in the evening for a house showing. Put lamps as near to the corners of the room as possible to reflect more light.
  6.  Use more plain fabrics for upholstery and throw pillows. Don’t have bold stripes or bold prints on your upholstery. On throw pillows, use plain or small patterned coverings for throw pillows.
  7. Use furniture that are armless. Use glass top tables whenever possible in small rooms. For that desk, use a stool type chair that you can put under the desk when showing the house. Get rid of floor lamps and use table or desk type lamps.

Many times it isnt necessary to go out and buy special items, it just requires yu to do a room by room checklist and then move furniture around from one room to another to make a small room look larger. Remember, the point of making any small room look larger is to convince a potential buyer that they will be able to comfortably live in the house with the belongings they have already.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, their agents continue to see home buyers making the same 4 mistakes in the process of purchasing their new home. Read these carefully so you do not make the same mistakes when purchases your Boston home.

1.    Don’t have an unrealistic time table on closing the deal. If you are preapproved and everything is fairly straightforward, you can probably close in 30 days, however you are better off using 45 days for the closing, maybe even as much as 60 days to be safe.

2.    Ignorance about the types of financing available and whats involved in the financing process.  Buyers should become aware of the terminology for example. Also, buyers should be careful about what they say in front of lenders and lenders agents. Example: Dont ever tell a lender that “this is my first time and I really dont know how this process works and hope you can guide me through it”. You might as well tell the lender to “sock it to me” and charge me all you  can.

3    Don’t trash the home you are trying to buy in front of the seller. If you like the house and the color is pink, just keep quiet about the color and dont keep talking about how you hate the color or could the seller repaint the house a different color. Stress what you do like about the house..all the good things.

4    Forth and probably the worst of all: buyers continue to get in over their heads, and spend more than they anticipated or planned on. Keep on track!  Dont forget that you must  be able to have a reserve fund for things that will come up like unplanned repairs and fixes you will have to take care of from time to time.

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