What is Boston’s Main Street Program?

Many visitors and even some residents have asked about the Main Streets program in Boston. What is it? What is it’s purpose?

Renovation of the former American Red Cross building-Now home to 63 lofts

The overall goal of the Boston Main Streets program is to improve the overall quality of life in the  many diverse  Boston neighborhoods. The vitality of a neighborhood’s business district and commercial areas is critical to the overall health of the neighborhood as a whole. For that reason all sectors of the community are involved with each Main Street organization.

Boston has established ‘Boston Main Streets’ program, a successful model for any urban commercial district revitalization. It strengthens the local business districts through strong organizational development, community participation, resident and merchant education and sustainable development. The many Main Streets events and promotions have fostered a new community pride and spirit. Boston Main Streets has learned from experience that government can not do everything, and each community must take the leadership role in shaping the character of their neighborhood.

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