Boston Scientific’s Director of Global Facilities and Real Estate has unveiled the latest edition to it’s Marlborough campus. The $34 million, 110,000 square foot building is aimed at attracting and retaining more top talent. The new building contains all the latest in technology and conveniences. Included in the amenities are a gym, hair salon, dry cleaners, daycare center, several sports fields, and technology that allows employees to be able to purchase food using their thumbprints.

There are tunnels that run between all of the buildings on campus to tie it all together. According to CEO Michael Mahoney, “We’re a global company. Half of our sales are outside the U.S., so it was about technology tools and video conferencing that enable global collaboration. The workspace is more modern and open-more appealing to the younger employees.”

The new 120 acre Marlborough campus consists of three pre existing buildings and the new building. There is a total of 613,000 square feet of space. Boston Scientific has been at the Marlbourgh campus for a decade, housing over 1,000 employees. The three older buildings will be receiving new facades in the next two years.

The latest expansion has brought in almost 800 additional employees, and many corporate functions. An additional 500 employees are still located in Quincy, Lowell, Burlington and Cambridge.

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