Was the Band Boston Really From Boston?

Have you ever wondered if the band Boston is actually from Boston?

According to WikiPedia :
Boston is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, that achieved its most notable successes during the 1970s and 1980s. Centered on guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, and producer Tom Scholz, the band is a staple of classic rock radio playlists.[2] Boston’s best-known works include the songs “More Than a Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Foreplay/Long Time”, “Rock and Roll Band”, “Smokin'”, “Don’t Look Back”, and “Amanda”. It has sold over 31 million albums in the United States, of which 17 million were for its self-titled debut album and seven million were for its second album, Don’t Look Back.[3][4] Altogether, the band has released six studio albums.

The band was born from Tom Scholz  who attended MIT and through various band met what would be assembled as Boston. It was in his basement in Watertown that Scholz constructed a studio (spending everything he made over the course of 6 years), and was recording a demo tape that would go down in the history books.  Scholz and his wife Kim still live in Boston.


Don't Look Back (Boston album)

Don’t Look Back (Boston album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sepia at Ink Block Floor Plans Bostons South End

Building Ink Block

Ink Block South End

Waterside Place

Oversized windows flood your home with natural light while providing one-of-a-kind views of Boston Harbor and the city’s skyline at Open floor plans give each residence an airy and spacious feel, offering maximum flexibility and room to add your own personal touches.We did more than create one of Boston’s most sustainable and green addresses — we put the power of green living directly in your hands, allowing you to control your energy consumption, your comfort and your costs.Single-height countertops create an elegant and open space, ideal for dining and entertaining.


Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a whale watching ferry that left from the aquarium dock. It is the Eastern side of the Boston peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South End Boston:Sepia in Ink Block

  • English: View of South Boston and Boston Harbor



Sepia is over 50% sold out. And the  luxury condos include generous floor plans, contemporary designer kitchens and baths, and private balconies previewing what only Boston offfers.

By 2015, the residents will receive access to Ink Block’s greater commercial offerings which include markets and shopping opportunities.

boston median sales prices


English: The sun setting on the former Filene'...

English: The sun setting on the former Filene’s flagship store in Boston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The sun setting on the former Filene'...
Filene's Boston

Filene’s Boston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Filene’s was an American department store, headquartered in Boston. Owned by Federated Department Stores from 1929 until 1988 then purchased bv The May Department Stores Company.  Then in 2005, Federated Department Stores bought May Department Stores and soon most Filene’s locations were converted to Macy’s.

The old site in Boston called Filene’s redevelopment has been stalled. But it seems work will begin soon the  developer has leased a big piece of the square footage to advertising firm Arnold Worldwide .

The $620 million complex will comprise of offices, stores, and luxury homes. This will bring to life a too long dormant property and is believed to ramp up   the broader revitalization of Downtown Crossing.

Condos Over Houses in Boston

English: The en:Skinny House in the North End ...

English: The en:Skinny House in the North End of Boston is an extremely narrow four-story spite house reported by the Boston Globe as having the “uncontested distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston”. Source: March 2008 photo by John Stephen Dwyer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Boston Globe recently acknowledged what many in Massachusetts already know. Condominiums are the superior choice over a home.

No backyards, no garages, no privacy what many would call the American dream. Instead Bostonians are opting for convenience and location. No yard work means more time to play, or work.

According to the Globe:

Condo prices this year increased 13 percent through the first five months of the year, compared with a 6 percent increase for single-family homes, according to the Warren Group, a Boston firm that tracks real estate.Statewide, sales of single-family homes declined almost 4 percent, compared with the same period in 2013, while condo sales rose 9 percent.

In downtown Boston, average price per square foot of $728 set a record in the second quarter, the Boston data firm LINK reported, 12 percent higher than the same period last year.

And the average square-foot price for luxury units, which include concierge services and other amenities, rose nearly 15 percent, to $1,188.

boston median sales prices

Sepia at Ink Block Sixty Percent Sold Out

Boston Herald building, Williams Court, Boston...

Boston Herald building, Williams Court, Boston, 19th c. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

60% of the 83-unit Sepia at Ink Block project on the former site of the Boston Herald is sold.The Herald moved to new office space in the Seaport District.

“When we decided to build 83 luxury condos there, everyone was asking why we would do that in this part of the South End,” said Ted Tye, managing partner of Newton-based developer National Development, at Sepia’s groundbreaking yesterday. “Now they’re asking us to build more condos.”

There are still two more sites on the 6.2-acre property and Tye said he is considering building more condos in the rapidly changing area.

The complex already has three luxury apartment buildings with 392 units under construction, along with a ground-floor 50,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market that will open early next year. Sepia’s one- to three-bedroom condos, ranging from 510 to 2,000 square feet, are slated to open in the late fall of 2015.


Tornado Rips Thru Revere North of Boston

English: Revere Beach, Boston (MA)

English: Revere Beach, Boston (MA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tornado rip thru a north of Boston in Revere on Monday causing much damage including ripping the roofs off the top of buildings.

Luckily there were no reports of injuries in the little coastal area of 53,000 residents.

“Given the magnitude of the storm, it’s really a miracle that no one sustained more serious injuries,” said Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo.

88 Apartments to Go into MBTA Building


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority GP4...

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority GP40MC 1136 (ex-Canadian National 9599) entering the Porter Square Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, a Boston nonprofit developer, has notified the Boston Redevelopment Authority of it’s intentions to build 88 apartments, 196,500 square foot office building, 10,000 square feet of retail outlets, 1250 square feet of community space and approximately 200 parking spaces on a vacant site formerly owned by MBTA. “This development will re-establish  as a lively, transit orientated site where people once again live, work, shop and recreate,” the filing stated.


According to the developer, the project grew out of the multi year planning process for the area. The process involved residents, businesses, stakeholders, institutional neighbors and elected officials.



The developers of the One Greenway condominium and apartment project in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood reports that they have secured $3.9 million from the state in support the 51 unit South Building. The grant will be used to fund the construction of the $20 million South Building.

The $170 million One Greenway project will include 363 residential units in two different buildings that occupy roughly a half acre of open space. The 312 unit North Building will include 217 market rate apartments and 95 affordable rentals. The project will include a total of 146 affordable units. Groundbreaking took place earlier this year with political leaders and the development team gathering to celebrate the return of the Parcel 24 site back to housing, retail and community usage. The project will restore a section of Boston’s Chinatown which was demolished in the 1960s. The space has sat vacant since.

The South Building will have 51 affordable condominiums and provide income eligible families an opportunity to purchase a unit in a location near downtown Boston. Construction on the South Building will commence next summer. When completed, it will include 20 one bedroom units, 22 two bedroom units and nine, three bedroom units.
The project also includes 135 garage parking spaces, 8,500 square feet of retail and community space and new pedestrian connection between Hudson and Albany streets.